This Side of Winter



LastYearsBlooms4These are the last of the little seedheads from my garden that I have been documenting through the seasons. Somehow a few of them survived the weight of winter relatively intact. I had left them in the garden so I could photograph them on this side of winter.



LastYearsBlooms7These little remnants of flowers have been through many transitions over the last few months. They have been frosted, covered in freezing rain, and buried under snow.
I have photographed them in different light where they have taken on the colours of what is around them. I haven’t edited the photographs much at all, the tones you see in each set are from the surrounding growth .

You can see the beginning of the series here, here, here, and here.




Β© Karen McRae, 2013

50 thoughts on “This Side of Winter

  1. This is precious, Karen, really delicate and poetic. A delight to see warm tones surrounding, and sneaking into the colour scheme. Superb colours that is.

  2. I think they want you to follow their progress some more; they look like they’re beckoning from another dimension, located on the other side of a very thin, almost transparent membrane. Beautiful, emotional and deceptively delicate looking – like lucid dreams.

  3. Elegant. Did you ever say what these are the seedpods of? What colour are the flowers?

    1. Sorry to be so late replying, it’s hard to keep up with everything this time of year!
      So, I don’t really know what kind of flowers these are – (I should find out, but I kind of like the mystery… : ) I’ll photograph them as they come into bloom, perhaps; they are a light purple-blue colour if I remember correctly.

  4. Great to see these additions to your series, Karen. The delicate seedheads and soft colours are beautiful. They have strength too, in surviving the harsh winter intact.

  5. Beautiful, soft images. I can see this series blown up and mounted on the wall. Very beautiful. I want to try this. You’ve inspired me. Thank you.

  6. Everytime I arrive here – I find your attention to exquisite detail more and more magical. Stunning!!!

    1. Rhys, yes, these were made to be this way – I used shallow depth of field and careful lighting. Each image is focused manually, as are the light metre settings. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Your work is truly wonderful. This is a beautiful series to gaze upon and study. I enjoyed reading about the process – how you captured the seedheads in different light and with different backgrounds throughout the series. With your careful eye, you have released the magical, floral spirit of the seedheads for all of us to see and contemplate. Thank you.

  8. Love these. And I love the changing of the background colours. These really have a certain spring feel to them. πŸ™‚

  9. Karen, this is a fantastic series. So beautifully seen and crafted. And so hard to believe that they came through your harsh winter this well.

  10. I am so glad you posted more of these! I love how you made them almost dissolve into the background, like ghosts, but with just a hint of silver and green – resilience and hope.
    Your technique (exposure/lighting) is impressive, as always!

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