In Progress

RiverStories1River Stories 1, oil, Conté & etching on Mylar

I don’t know where this might end up (messier, maybe – it seems too colourful, it bores me …) but it is what I’m wrestling with at the moment. Well, we’ve been wrestling for a while. Slippery fish.

© Karen McRae, 2014

Another Winged Thing

WingedThings1Untitled. Oil, conté & graphite on Mylar 20″x24″. (These paintings always look so much better in real life, I think.)

A winged thing that is tied to water. Inspired from bits and pieces from the river shoreline, things now lying around the studio.

A studio view with most of the mess unseen.

In-the-Studio2(The other painting was posted previously here.)

© Karen McRae, 2013

Long Days and Tall Grass

Untitled_MapleFly(Untitled. Oil, graphite and Conté on Mylar)

It’s the first day of summer here and it feels like a true summer day with gently swaying grasses in the sunshine and strange insects in the garden.


Swaying-Grasses-2[The first image is a painting/drawing in progress (I never know whether to call my pieces paintings or drawings – I guess they are both) and the other two images are photographs made with camera movement.]

© Karen McRae, 2013

Moving Day

A rare draw portion of Draw and Shoot…I posted an unfinished version of this previously but I think I’ve finally finished fussing with it.
Moving Day oil & conté on Mylar, mounted on board
18″ x 36″ (2 panels)

© Karen McRae, 2012