64 thoughts on “The Water Garden 2

  1. I like them a lot…like abstractions of reflections…a joining of images from the mind’s eye and the literal eye…wonderful.

    1. Yes, Carlos, I do remember. And your images are beautiful – autumn leaves like floating petals – and the colours are very striking.
      Thank you! : )

    1. Yes, I guess these have influences of all the other art I’ve seen – it’s funny though when you are making images, you don’t really think about any of that consciously, really.
      Thanks for your comment, Yoshizen.

      1. Of cause I didn’t meant you were copying the effect, far from it,
        you are reaching the level, able to see and capture, somewhere
        between visible and invisible = “Light is there as not there” kind of
        indistinguishable Air, of which impressionists, post impressionists
        also managed to capture.

  2. Karen, these are so beautiful. I think I see tiny fish in the top one, too. Somehow those depths have so much mystery. I have done oil paintings of ponds and their algae and lily pads – fascinating subject and your photos are exquisite.

    1. Hi Judy, yes there are many little minnows in there flitting about. Water can be an endless source of inspiration, I find.
      Thanks for your nice comments.

    1. There are so many visual layers in water, aren’t there? I guess that’s part of the reason I’m so drawn to it with photography. Thanks, Elena. : )

  3. These are remarkable. I thought they were photos of Monet paintings until I read your text. Just beautiful. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Karen, especially the top one. Monet would certainly approve!

    And thanks very much for the technical tip too, about using double exposures – something I would never have thought of – what a good idea! I don’t seem to see many tech tips around – anything is good to chew over and think about – the method has certainly worked here. Adrian

  5. Hi Karen
    My favorite is the second one. I like the variation in intensity and value and emphasis. All are gorgeous! I need to catch up with your other posts and get up to springtime:)

  6. The reference to Monet, made by so many others, is very true. Many layers of hard work, not just now, but over time are being rewarded.

  7. These are gorgeous, Karen. The first one reminds me of Monet too. Although there is a harsher texture to your image that lends it a keen edge, a crisper “attack” and a really nice surface to depth tension.

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