White Stuff

I confess that these images are from the archives but it is very much what it looks like out there right now. I will venture out later but as we woke up to -20° Celsius I’m waiting for the mercury to rise a little. Enjoy the last few days of 2011!
All images © Karen McRae

It’s A Wrap

Well Christmas is all wrapped up for this year. And it snowed! It snowed most of the day on the 25th and it was beautiful.  Today we managed to even get out for a short ski and more snow is on the way later this week.
It actually feels like Winter now.
A few days before the snow fell I came across these wrapped trees along the highway.  I found them a little haunting in their figure-like resemblance. The way they are mysteriously cloaked and how they gently bend. The way they are lined up in rows like… like what?… an audience for the passing cars?
They are whispering amongst themselves.
All images © Karen McRae


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with grace, peace and love. Thank you to all the inspiring people out there for sharing such amazing creativity. It is truly a gift you are giving. xo

Nature’s Gift-wrap

Everything was sparkling this morning after several hours of freezing rain yesterday encased our little part of the world. Once the sun made an appearance it was as if the air was crackling with electricity. The continual pops and cracks of ice breaking, falling and dripping from the trees onto the glass encrusted surfaces below. Gentle explosions releasing everything from natures fleeting gift-wrap.  A winter wonderland… without snow …still waiting…
All images © Karen McRae

Draw and Shoot 2

I haven’t done much figure drawing lately and I’m rusty to say the least but I did really fun photo-shoot on the weekend and it’s got me inspired! I had an opportunity to work with a young designer photographing her collection of lingerie pieces. The photo-shoot involved faux fur, champagne and a cigar but more on that when I post some pictures. The models were amazing to work with and the designer had a lot of fun creating a mix of lingerie some of which included faux fur elements. (It gets cold in Canada, I think this might be the lingerie of the season) A little sneak peek from the shoot via my sketchbook. Just a warm up sketch.
Image © Karen McRae


There is something about a square format for photography and art that really appeals to me. I often work on a square canvas and can spend hours editing compositions. In fact I have a hard time going anywhere without looking at everything as a potential composition. This can be a bit of a challenge when driving but it’s just the way I think, I’m very visual. The more time I spend drawing, painting and making photographs the more I think about these details. I can’t stop looking.
All images © Karen McRae

Grey is the New White…

rain is the new snow and warm is the new cold. Truly is doesn’t feel like winter when it’s 10° Celsius and you can walk around without a hat or gloves. Not a trace of snow. December, is this really you? I realize it could all change quickly but winter has been moving in at a snail’s pace.
All images © Karen McRae

Real Mail

Don’t you love getting mail? You know the tangible kind that comes in paper form and isn’t a bill. It seems that this is the only time of year where that really happens. And this week I’ve received some really wonderful pieces of real mail.
sent me the original drawing that he did of my profile picture and it is a small finely sketched treasure.
And I’d love to introduce you to The Linoprinter. Today I received a  beautiful handmade card with a Robin print that she had created.This image is taken from her posting here. She is a wonderful artist from Surrey, UK who uses traditional linoleum floor tiles to make amazing lino-cut images. Her blog has lots of information about the process and she also has some beautiful pieces for sale. It is such a treat to find wonderful gifts of art in your mailbox. Oodles of  thanks to both artboy68 and The Linoprinter.
  © of the linoprinter