The Pull of Light

It’s difficult to resist going out on a bright Autumn day when so many of these are coloured grey.

There are other things that need doing.

I try to push away the urge pick up my camera but the light becomes important. Important, because it moves so rapidly through the sky. The light is in a race with the dark hours and these days the dark is winning.

But outside there is the sound of crisp leaves shuffling in the breezes. The gentle coo of the mourning doves. Cool air and frosted grasses. And did I mention sunlight?

Who could resist?

© Karen McRae, 2012

49 thoughts on “The Pull of Light

  1. I must tell you that every time I see a new draw and shoot post in my inbox, I click no matter what else I have to do in that minute. Each thoughtful image is exceptional, artful, magical, poetic. I must search for new descriptive words.

  2. your words make me almost see curling and beckoning fingers in these delicate petals..! I can feel the breeze blowing lightly through them too, wonderful..

  3. Sorry I haven’t visited in a while, Karen, but today I am glad I did.

    Your work is as beautiful as ever. As I’ve said before, I really love the Zen quality you capture.


  4. I love “the light becomes important. Important, because it moves so rapidly through the sky” … I know this light. I love it and I cherish it. Like you do 🙂 xo

  5. I know precisely what you mean. Ooo especially the coo of the morning doves, the frosted grass, and the light racing against the dark- that IS the quiddity of autumn, indeed- evoke so many memories for me, your words are so beautiful. And those photos, I could swim in them, so delicate and graceful. I am enamoured.

    Autumn Jade

  6. Simply gorgeous Karen. The light’s so fleeting here too – brilliant prairie sun, but utterly quixotic … you have done such a remarkable job of capturing those moments: all held breath and brightness.

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