Waxwings3I’ve been seeing glimpses of this flock for several days out my window. They rise and fall as swiftly and gracefully as snowflakes on the whim of the wind. Moving between evergreens heavy with pine cones, mountain ash trees laden with berries, and a huge silver birch with winter buds.  It seems each time I decide to go outside and watch them they are gone by the time I bundle up and lace up my boots. I’ve been sneaking shots through the window, but really, they are too fast for me.

© Karen McRae, 2016

Winter Nights

WinterNight2They have only just begun, really. It was a few days ago that the snow finally decided to swing by and tuck in the plants and trees with a thick white blanket. I confess that I love it. What is more peaceful than a shrouded winter night? The snowflakes, relinquished from clouds, slipping by in whispers. Fresh snow for a fresh year.

Best wishes for this shiny new year

[Images made by using a pop of flash at the beginning of a long exposure and then a little camera movement during the exposure.]
© Karen McRae, 2016