Abstract Friday

I took these photographs yesterday after the morning rain.  I love the muted colours of fall foliage. The top three photographs were taken with a shallow depth of field and a gentle breeze blurring all but a few details.

All images © Karen McRae

Skeleton Trees

I used to drive by here often and always loved this landscape of  skeleton trees. They are mostly gone now. The road has grown wider and the trees were knocked down. I liked how at certain angles the trees stood in the field like Roman Numerals. They must have known their days were numbered…

All images © Karen McRae


I am always in awe when watching the migrating flocks of birds in the Fall. It amazes me how they seem to move as a single organic organism lifting and turning as though somehow connected. As if they are being directed by a conductor visible only to them. Moving like a breath across the sky.

All images © Karen McRae

Newfoundland, Those Ocean Blues

I had the opportunity this summer to spend a week in Newfoundland and what a gorgeous place.  We didn’t get to see as much as the island as we would have liked but I fell in love with the beautiful east coast. We hiked part of the East Coast Trail which meanders along a coast of  rocky cliffs and stony beaches with spectacular views around each corner. The movement and blues of the ocean are mesmerizing. I’m longing to go back.

All images © Karen McRae

Avian Architecture

So I have a little nest collection. Yes, along with collections of rocks and decaying leaves… but you have to admit they are pretty cool. And all so different. I don’t know what birds built all these nests but everyone does it their own way. Little architectural gems.  (Click to enlarge images.)

This nest is partially built with cigarette filters, lots of them...city dwellers.
A little heavy on the insulation...synthetic fibres.

Oriole Nest, plant fibre weathered and greyed. All images © Karen McRae