29 thoughts on “Faint Wingbeats

  1. Stunning Karen! Just love those metallic greys, part real, part paint almost, part photography..and almost like they are still trying to dance on the ground..

  2. That’s amazing Karen, but it has a totally different effect on me then it might on others. When I look at that it makes me think of the remains of a bird that an alligator had caught in the marsh pond. But then again, almost everything reminds me of alligators.

  3. So lovely Karen.. as I have said before your signature/voice is so strong. I would know your images anywhere. I think I still have to find mine although I am suspecting it is for strong colourful images.. though maybe it changes over time??

  4. Exceptionally beautiful. Karen! Especially the first one: the colours, the textures, the composition, everything! I like how this bird and water combination series is developing very much.
    These two are amongst my favourites of your images, for sure.

  5. Stunning photos, Karen. I love them, especially the second one: the lighter grey areas around the wings are like clouds. It’s almost as if the wings were still alive and flying.

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