Character Development

Caveat lector: More Wrapped Trees

I‘ve come to think of them affectionately as the “Sad Sacks”. It appears there are other emotions at play but I think overall they are finding the winter long. It’s definitely been character building.

It seems these characters are now starting to regard me with a bit suspicion, I wonder what they are thinking…

A young Treeannosaurus Rex perhaps?

Previous wrapped trees can be found here and here.

All imagesΒ Β© Karen McRae

71 thoughts on “Character Development

  1. Karen, you’ve been a sole (and very very lucky ) witness
    and the clear-eyed observer there.
    The play was even stronger than a 60th Absurd Theater.
    Yet, without you, this drama wasn’t on the stage —— it’s
    mean, you are the part of the great play.
    —– I wish, if I could see a photo, as a wide-angle land scape,
    of you are photographing those actors and actresses.
    It must be a play, a seeker met the hermit =
    and waiting the Godoo. πŸ™‚

  2. ooh the trees!! πŸ™‚ Such a different atmosphere to the last ones – these feel like they are starting to dance..particularly no. 5 – leaning and moving round as the ice melts..they must feel like old friends now to you!

  3. these are so amazingly creepy. they look like they’ve just risen from that smooth circular patch. Very nice. I wonder what will happen in spring. It was 17 degrees in London today. So odd.

    1. Hi Christian, I guess no one would wrap a tree for the winter where you are. It’s not uncommon to see wrapped trees here but these ones have a life of their own for some reason.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. They are comingout of hibernation…maybe they see the end of the global recession coming and they’re getting warmed up !!
    I love that they have colour now.. awating the next installment…..

  5. I love the fact that something that sounds so mundane as wrapping trees in sacking, can produce such aesthetic pictures. Love the shapes and potential movement. They really do echo the human form, which gives an extra dimension to the images. Me like a lot! πŸ™‚

  6. They are looking so much more forlorn to me today. I think they, like me, wonder if being wrapped has done them a lick of good. Only time will tell.

  7. The fifth one down reminds my of a dancer – so whimsical. The sixth one down is akin to someone struggling to walk against the wind and the cold! Fabulous

  8. They certainly capture your eye, don’t they? And they seem so vivid and alive caught like they are, with that wonderful white expanse that surrounds them. Really intriguing series this, Karen. You expect them to come alive at any second…Now that I think of it, they remind me of a recent Dr Who episode that featured these angel statues which moved between the blinks of an eye. Seen it maybe?

  9. Wow! I love how emotive these images are – who knew that you could make the humble sack evoke such feelings of sadness. There is something almost disconcerting about them too though – roughly bound figures, ‘heads’ bowed over. Intriguing stuff!! πŸ™‚

  10. Karen, I cannot wait for the big reveal – when these wrapped wonders shed their cloths! Wonderful series – I especially like those balancing on their own ‘ice rinks’. Stay warm!

    1. I wonder if it will be a big letdown when they are all unwrapped?
      I’ll go back and check on them though, it would be interesting to happen across the “dressers” as they unwrap the trees…
      thanks Marina!

      1. It will definitely not be a let down – these lovely trees will be able to breathe again; that’s the beauty! Oh, I wonder who wraps and unwraps these trees. What a great angle to explore. I’m looking forward to the unfurling of this series. To see a complete cycle – through the seasons – would really be interesting.

  11. They all seem to be hunched over in dismay (over the long winter, undoubtedly) but #5 seems to be actually dancing!

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