While Waiting on the Tide…

RedFox_ParcBic_1Hiking the shoreline of Bic National Park (parc national du Bic) in Quebec, waiting for the water to push out a little further so we are able to pass around boulders and cliffs that are only passable during low tide. While stopped and listening to gently crashing waves and breathing in salty air this little red fox appears from the scattered boulders waiting with us until the water will recede enough for the hike to continue.

FleuveSaint-LaurentLandscape_ParcBic1 We are walking beside the immense St. Lawrence River (Le fleuve Saint-Laurent) as it opens up to the Gulf of St Lawrence, which then flows into the North Atlantic Ocean. The river becomes tidal somewhere around Quebec City, about 300 km upstream of where we are walking and it does feel like being on the cusp of the ocean.

RedFox_ParcBic_6September might be the best month to take a vacation. The best time for missing the summer crowds and peak insect season while still basking in (mostly) gorgeous weather.

© Karen McRae, 2015