70 thoughts on “Amaranthine & Green

  1. like a movie still…but also as if you can hear some kind of sound while looking at it. The colours in the second one are so beautifully full. This is strong. I really like these ‘slipping by landscapes’ Karen!

    1. I like that you hear sound when you look at these. Thanks for your thoughtful and encouraging words, Belinda. I’m really enjoying working on this series and I’m delighted that you find these images strong.

  2. I am breathless again. It’s a new style of photography. The original, mysterious and extremely attractive. An unusual, yet quite simple story compressed into a short (or long – depending on how long you observe it) film – actually only a single frame. Poetry capturing the intangibility of time. The relativity of space. And their fascinating swirling transformation. For me, it’s like a miracle.

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