The Shape of Winter, Elsewhere








SandbarRipples5 In this version of winter you cast off your boots and bulky layers and place your feet directly on the warm sand. Sand that you have gratefully borrowed for just a week. And you can’t stop looking at those marine blues of the sea and the graceful patterns the water makes. You want them etched in your mind forever. Damn, we live in a gorgeous world.

A counterpoint to the previous post, I guess. I’ve been away – feet in the sand, head in the clouds blue sky.

[Near and far views of the shifting landscape of Exuma, Bahamas. Sigh.]

© Karen McRae, 2014

52 thoughts on “The Shape of Winter, Elsewhere

    1. It was hard to get back on the plane, Sydney! A little bit of paradise left behind…
      Are you back in Edmonton again? It’s been harshley cold there. I think everyone is looking forward to spring.

    1. You guys are just getting relentless harsh weather from what I hear! I hope things settle down there. An early spring is in order.
      It was gorgeous, Cath, I was so grateful to have the chance to go.

  1. Give me the snow, the cold, the bone chilling wind any day! Winter is a magical time of year, when nature regales us with the pleasure of watching the familiar transformed, the mundane adorned, and the landscape itself reshaped by the whims of the wind and snow playing with abandon.

    . . . yeah, I don’t buy it either, but it sounds better than saying “Crap, it’s cold!”, “Arrgh! . . . I’m blinded by the snow!”, “I can’t feel my fingers!”, and the everpopular “I think my bits are frozen off!”.

    Those are very nice photos. Bahama is yet another in our list of places to eventually visit. I do like the sand patterns . . . I’d be reluctant to walk on them.

    1. Emilio, I think those of us that go through tough winters really appreciate the other seasons! Winter just overstays its welcome.
      It was a wonderful break, and I highly recommend the Bahamas. I hope you get a chance to go.

  2. beautiful scenes… I too have problems finding subjects in winter, close to where I live… but sometimes the sun peeks out… and then even if it’s cold, there are visual moments.

  3. Ah that lovely blue and sand that we are so fond of Karen 😉 I was in Italy for a week in February… marvellous light . I am playing catch up on your blog

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