I was beside the river a couple of days ago and glimpsed dark slipping movements out of the corner of my eye. The observer was being observed. A few moments later I was almost face to face with this little mink. Just an arm’s length away. We are, apparently, mutually curious creatures.

The mink slipped away into a crevice. “Come”, I said gently. And briefly, it returned.

I am always a little awed by these fleeting brushes with nature.

Of course some wild things are easily coaxed to your hand…
Ground squirrels in the British Columbia mountains. Someone has been ignoring the “Do not feed the wildlife” signs; they were very comfortable posing in front of the camera.

Our backyard chipmunk. Simultaneously bold and skittish.

And the birds. It’s hard to describe the feeling of an almost weightless chickadee perched so gently on your fingertips. A bit blissful.

All images Β© Karen McRae

81 thoughts on “Wildthings?

  1. I love your blog… thank you so much for doing it!! I always look forward to it’s arrival in my email!!

  2. I was praying once on rocks beside the river and a mink had it’s front paws/feet up on my lap! Thankfully, I heard in my head, be calm, don’t move, don’t shout, open eyes and look down. They can be very very nasty animals, i’m very glad that I didn’t scream and have it fling itself into my face! hehe

  3. How lovely and I completely understand how you feel and you will know that because you have followed my blog with it’s foxes, deer, squirrels etc.
    Great photos Karen.

  4. Fun photographs! The last time I was in Canada I saw a Brown Squirrel..the kind with the ear tuffs. I’d not seen one before or since.

  5. I love these shots, Karen. Nice to be living with these little critters. And an amazing catch of the little bird with its wings outstretched. Wonderful!

  6. Hi Karen, these pictures are just incredible!! Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could touch the scarfaced squirrel’s little chubby face, the pictures are so good that they feel that close!
    The last one is also so beautiful, I love how you captured the bird’s wings movement so sharply! How do you do it? πŸ˜€

  7. In deed they are lovely small animals. And your eyes follow them
    in relaxed natural way —– no dramatization, no humanization = I like it.

  8. Love your shots! Have not seen a mink – wasn’t even sure if they were around! Love your cheeky chipmunk too! I spend hours trying to coax them out and feed them when visiting my dad – I am sure the neighbours think I am nuts….they are just so adorable!

  9. I bet the only reason people thought/think mink coats are cool is because they never saw photos like that! Such a cute little guy.

  10. Aaargh!! Much cuteness!!! I just love to get close to animals in the wild like that..gives you a real sense of sharing the space..great shots! πŸ™‚

  11. just stumbled on to your page Karen – and I have been enamored with all of your snap shots for 30 minutes now. I am a fan ! let me know when you have new posts – abrazos

  12. Living in a fairly large city, I love and treasure these unexpected gifts (of brushes with nature). Great set of images, Karen!

  13. Wow…beautiful captures, Karen…and I can almost imagine the feeling of a little bird lighting on your hand for a snack. I rescued a hummingbird that flew into our house a few years ago and was thrilled to be holding such a delicate little creature in my hands…listening to him (?) squeak as his tiny heart beat against my skin…what a treasure….

      1. It was precious, Karen…and I’m right there with being amazed by those little creatures…you’re very welcome. πŸ™‚

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