Mosaic: Iced Seed Heads

Mosaic8This morning we had freezing rain and I headed out to photograph the same seed heads in my garden that I’ve been documenting over the fall. As the day wore on and the temperature crept over the freezing mark the ice started to change, and then things really started to look interesting. The transitions in nature are just so fascinating.

Mosaic3If you are interested in the seed head series you can see it here, and there is more iced flora here.

© Karen McRae, 2012

77 thoughts on “Mosaic: Iced Seed Heads

      1. Absolutely stunning when you come across something that takes you by surprise like that – I was going to drop back here today with a message as I actually had a dream about these photos last night! They were blown up to a huge size in a vast white gallery – very odd, nice dream! G

  1. Fascinating Karen! Worlds within worlds, iced bell jars or terrarium specimens..I can see embryonic forms, ancient limbs and hair, newborn birds..there’s something very interesting about these being the remains of living plants too, seeming almost many things here!

    1. Wow, I love all the associations that came to mind for you, Cath. I think what’s interesting is that there are still seeds trapped in the ice formations so they are embryonic in a sense.
      Thanks for your great comment!

  2. The cellular structure of the ice is fascinating – the seed heads look as if they are about to undergo some metamorphosis. But the beauty of these is in their isolation in the frame – you turn science into poetry, Karen.

  3. Freezing rain? I had no idea that even existed (oh, those naive Mediterraneans…) I am so glad you are doing this, as you’d be hard-pressed to find me anywhere near freezing temepratures.

    Amazing formations, captured in the purest Karenian style. Kudos!

    1. Yes, we get a fair amount of freezing rain here, actually. It happens when the temperature is just a few degrees below freezing so it wasn’t too cold. It’s much colder today!

      Thanks for your kind comment, Alessandro.

  4. Oh wow! Now i am convinced that you really are a scientist in an artists mind. Are you … ? these remind me on Venetian glass beads Karen! 🙂

  5. Gosh these are fascinating Karen.. never seen anything quite like them.. We had freezing fog here last night but unfortunately I am too unwell to get out and take photos 😦

  6. This is your best post yet. Championship level photo-blogging.

    It looks like they’re encased in some sort of techno organic shell. Seed heads, I love you.

  7. Ich mag solch schlichte Aufnahmen, ich mag auch die Natur. Schön. Es könnten eingeeiste Kornblumen-Samenstände sein…

    Das Auffällige
    an der Natur ist
    dass sie so
    schlicht wirkt.

    Die Kunst ist
    sie zu sehen.

    Das Unauffällige
    an der Natur ist
    dass sie so
    spektakulär ist.
    E.B. 2012

  8. Completely fascinating! Never seen anything like these! Oh, wait a minute – we don’t get snow or ice like this – ever!!! Isn’t nature wonderful, and that’s not taking away from the beautiful photography and the eye that notices them and displays them so creatively!



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