Reflecting on Repetition

There’s something about blues and browns together…

These images are all of the same kind of seed heads I have been exploring in the previous 2 posts, but in the following 2 images (sepia tones) I am looking at them in a different way.

These 2 are mirror reflections, and it seems to me the feathers are flying here. I hesitate to say too much about how I interpret these, but in the process of abstracting them further, they have made more unexpected transformations. This is what keeps me coming back and looking at the same things in different ways, and in different light.

You don’t always know what will grow from a tiny seed.

All images © Karen McRae, 2012

33 thoughts on “Reflecting on Repetition

  1. I love this series. The light and focus and feeling are all beautiful. Indeed, I too see a quite hairy insect on the wing, probably a fly, in some of these shots.

  2. I always let out a little gasp when I first see your new pictures – if someone sat beside me and closed their eyes while I scrolled through my “reader” section, they would know when I came to drawandshoot.

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