Ragged February Flowers




FebruaryFlowers5After a bit of warmer weather a few days ago, I noticed some of the tiny seed heads from last year had managed to make their way up through the snow for some air. I think it will be a while before any more of them show their ragged little heads; we are back to winter and that snow is still thick over the earth. I like seeing how they change over the seasons so I took a few photographs this morning as we shivered together in the wind. Happily, they are still filled with little seeds of hope.

© Karen McRae, 2014

74 thoughts on “Ragged February Flowers

  1. And spring will come, supplying new flowers and seed heads. I’m so happy about it on so many levels, but assurance of more beautiful interpretations by you heads the list.

      1. They’re really great fun, a great company, and very reasonable compared to regular glass. I’ve been shooting with them since 2007 and can’t say enough good things about them. Actually been accused of being a Lensbaby Evangelist, by the company no less…rather proud of that. They’ve used some of my images for ads and whatnot as well.
        Tons of creative potential with all the optic options. Well worth looking into.

  2. Exquisitely beautiful Karen. It was a lovely warm sunny day here today. The birds were very excitable flitting about in the trees and hedges. Spring is definitely stirring here as it will for you soon of course.. 🙂

    1. It is sunny here too, Adrian, just not warm! I’m glad to hear you are getting a bit of spring after such a difficult winter. I imagine the birds here would like to see the ground too. : )
      Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your comment, that’s nice to hear. It’s sometimes difficult to choose how many images to post and in what order – I can spend a lot time curating a blog post!

    1. I guess the snow protects them a little bit, like a winter blanket, if it’s not too heavy. These ones were tucked under a bush so they were covered with less snow. Thank you, Ashley.

  3. …Happily, they are still filled with little seeds of hope…
    The perfect wording for your wonderful shots, Karen. I really admire your skill to produce this very special “draw and shoot ethereal look”. It’s not only a matter of getting a tiny bit in focus … Excellent work.
    Love, Dina

  4. Beautiful flowers described very creatively. I hadn’t realized it is winter in other parts of the world. You gave me a grasp of what is happening in another part of this vast universe.

  5. Days have passed … I do hope the elusiveness of Spring is within reach ….
    Future hopes in these little insubstantial seed heads you captured so beautifully Karen .

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