Shifting Light and Form 2

These are the same kind of seed heads that were used in the previous post but they are photographed in a warmer light. It’s quite interesting how slight changes can have dramatic effects. The strength of the light and shadows can change the transparency, tones, and visual ‘weight’ of the subject significantly. Also, something that is making a difference here is the colour of light bouncing onto the subject. In most of these images the light is being bounced off a bush with purple leaves, casting a warm light into the shadows and onto the seed heads. More transitions…

All images Β© Karen McRae, 2012

69 thoughts on “Shifting Light and Form 2

  1. So beautiful and delicate. I see I’m not the only one in here who sees delicate fabrics. I really like the shades in the first photo.

  2. I see one, fifth down, that looks mammalian. Like a dog or a cat, maybe a bat.
    I think of transitions but also of perception, how the things we can’t see clearly become so mysterious but also become a frame. The closer we are, the harder it is to see.This just happened to me with my novel, and it’s so hard to get the full picture.

    1. Perceptions are interesting, we all read things so differently. I like it when images are not to straight forward and mean different things to different people. Sometimes it’s hard to look at our own work with fresh eyes, I understand what you mean!
      (I think of a mouse when I look at that fifth one.)

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