36 thoughts on “Ebb, Flow

  1. The first photo has a sort of electric feel to it…and the last could be the plates of the earth moving and shifting and forming mountain ranges and…. Very nice.

  2. Karen, I love the polygons in the last image – those show up in so many places in nature. It looks like “tough skating” season there!

  3. Wow.. I love these…I can feel what must be the absolute relief of the ice starting to crack, and the water starting to flow again..love these shapes and patterns you’ve found too..stunning..

  4. Nice images. Similar leftover will be for you, if you don’t find a courage to get closer to the fishing man. I really would like to see it by your point of view. Please, be brave 🙂

  5. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. They are each stunning in their own way. And the comments from the others are so great, my feelings exactly.

    With the ice melting, I know we will be treated to amazing photos as your corner of the world begins rebirth. 😀

  6. You should make a book…. really beautiful work, on both this post and the one after (in the land of the sack people…). It would be nice to have your pictures together and thumb through them in one sitting….

  7. Wonderful post Karen – these have such an interpretative quality to them. Other worldliness, to lily pads (as someone mentioned earlier), to the last mosaic-like piece. So interesting – I could dwell on these for a while. Thank you for sharing!

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