A Snow Canvas

An old and graceful Weeping Willow in the snowfall.

I came across this winter garden when I was out working on an architectural project. Different shapes and forms against a snow canvas. Even grey-furred pussy willows, an early sign of spring!

All images Β© Karen McRae

54 thoughts on “A Snow Canvas

  1. What a beautiful willow..it’s strange, this tree made me think of my Gran, she is 100 this year and I think more beautiful than ever..fragile in the outer body but still as strong at the root..

  2. More nice snow photos Karen. I am going against the grain and picking the last as my favourite. Snow should be here in the next few days, so we are ‘reliably’ informed. Though living on the coast, we tend to get less than inland. Here’s hoping anyway.

  3. You know Karen, stepping back a bit, you do have a wonderful compositional eye toward the combination of micro & macro shots. This something you often with where the combination of the two enhance both.

    Its just neat! thx!

  4. ooooh, love these. so beautiful ~ as always Karen! The second and third are my favourites. Doesn’t the third remind you of a little mitten, outstretched? Your photos have been a huge influence on me – I am actually starting to look forward to snow πŸ™‚

    1. Ha ha, I suppose it is a bit like a little fuzzy mitten. I hadn’t noticed that. πŸ™‚
      Thank you Marina, winters tough but the snow is beautiful, I think. And you have to work with what you have!
      Hope you get more snow then!

  5. Once again, pure beauty. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. The cone flower, the stems with seedpods and the last willow come in ahead of the others by only the smallest, tiniest margin. I will never tire of your snow photos, but I’m also looking forward to following your world into spring, summer, autumn. πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh Lord, managing your comments must be approaching a full time job! Here’s another one though, ’cause I’m cruel. Loved this set… the spiky with the soft…. the black with the white. Wonderful contrasts…. ❀

  7. The photos of the weeping willow are stunning, very very beautiful photos ! I am in awe looking at them ! I also love all the other photos.

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