96 thoughts on “Blurring the Lines

  1. About 30 years ago, Spanish photographer Francisco Hidalgo created blurred photos of building etc to show growing hight of the day, by shifting PC lens while shutter was open. Though, to my eyes they were only mechanically created mess.
    Much more akin to a “Modern times’ Juzz noise”. (In fact I met him in Photokina as both we were the contributers of the Zoom magazine)
    What you created here are just beautiful. Whether they are abstract or landscape,
    I don’t care, it pleases the eyes. Worth keep printout and hang on the wall.

  2. The mystery of the forest is so compelling. I like these very much; remind me also of graphite or charcoal stretched upwards on the paper. Black, whites and greys are so appropriate here.

  3. I’m not sure why but the second and fourth images especially draw my eyes. They remind me of watercolor paintings. πŸ˜‰

  4. A brave experiment and a fascinating selection. It is interesting that although the same technique is used throughout, each picture evokes its own atmosphere and mood. I particularly like the hint of colour in the fourth and fifth.

    1. Thank you, Louis. Yes, I was happy a little bit of colour came out in these. The second last one quite surprised me with its tones; influenced by direct sunlight, I think.

  5. I think what is really striking here is your vision to do this and then the exploration. My question is not how you do it, but rather what makes you do it. Always a pleasure to see you push the boundaries.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I do enjoy seeing what I can make my camera do – and the challenge of crossing over into painterly or drawing-like images within a frame.

  6. An accordionlike curtain of trees, spears of blissful light (probably embers from a distant dawn), ghostly terrain–the power of movement to poeticise experience.

  7. I agree with all the previous comments re your artistry, and the magic and mystery of these creative photos. I just wanted to add a thank you for sharing a bit of the technique used to create these beauties. My favourite is the first.

      1. One of the other beautiful things about you as a photographer, blogger, and person is that you always take the time to reply to each and every comment that you receive. What a kind and generous gesture.

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