68 thoughts on “Caught Up

    1. Oh, thank you kindly, Vicki.
      Generally, I simply use backlighting, and indirect light on the subject. I play around with the aperture a little but when you are shooting so close you get quite a shallow depth of field.

  1. I love how you’ve captured the drama – the shimmering metallic body armour, the empty eye sockets, the silent wings – a helpless flying robot… Karen, it’s amazing!

  2. So good..the colours grab you at first and then the more I look I feel the sadness and panic of the small trapped creature..

  3. Because I’m so addicted to iridescence (and attracted to weird little seldom-noticed things), I love a good closeup of a fly as much as I do a peacock. Glad to see you share my appreciation! Beautiful.

  4. Truly stunning images thanks for sharing these with weekend photographers like myself who could only dream of having the time, money and know-how to capture such vibrant images. We do have the ambition though! Ivan Cordero WildAtPalmas.com

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