White on White

We were gifted with a significant amount of snow yesterday, perhaps more at once than other snowfalls this winter. It’s been a bit of a lean year so far.
You can tell it hasn’t snowed for a while when some of your neighbours appear genuinely excited to be shoveling their driveways. I was also happy to be out in the falling snow. It was warm enough to stick to you thoroughly as you trudged along. All the gritty greyness covered up.

I should, in fact be out skiing right now but I am nursing a knee injury from skiing in less than ideal conditions. Cross country skiing in the hilly back country of Gatineau Park can be pretty challenging and when you are somewhat limited in skill (clumsy) it can mean a lot of…crashing.
In truth, I am not unlike George of the Jungle in my abilities. Where he is swinging along on a rope, I am careening (or plodding) along with 2 boards strapped to my feet. We are both watching out for that tree…

Back to yesterday. Towards the end of the day I was making pictures in low light. They are underexposed and nothing special but somehow they captured that feeling of intimacy that fresh snow seems to evoke. When I looked at them I could picture that snow-covered girl, the one kneeling in the softness trying to steal the last bit of light. Sinking into the fading white on white, pink cheeked, and for a moment, almost graceful.

All images Š Karen McRae

43 thoughts on “White on White

  1. I especially like that first one (well, I like all of them). It’s like the snow has just flung itself about like some kind of passionate installation artist with a severe dose of joie de vivre and a not insignificant case of laissez faire.

  2. You’re right – these do capture a feeling of intimacy. They trigger a response in me that I can’t put into words, it’s emotion and feeling. Isn’t photography a wonderful thing? Good stuff Karen!

  3. So lovely; so jealous rain, wind, sun and snow but too warm for the snow to stick.
    The softness of the colors really enhances the softness of the snow. Wonderful photos. 🙂

  4. That is exactly as it was! Sorry to hear of your knee injury. If it helps any, I was in the park yesterday and found the skiing slow – still nice to get out and enjoy the powder, but me and my boards were not in agreement! Maybe today we will work as one!

  5. “White on white” was said to be the end of all art. When you put white paint on a white canvas, what else is there left to explore?

    Everything, as you clearly captured in these stunning photographs. Excellent work, Karen!

  6. I like them, Karen! Images #2 and #3, in particular, seem to be stick-and-snow characters, engaged in joyous, acrobatic, dance.

    Hope you’re feeling 100% again soon!

  7. So beautiful and so white! I love how every series of photographs you create, allows our imaginations to follow along with it… I see forms that almost dance even though I know they are frozen solid in their position and in the snow. 🙂 Maybe that’s just me but I definitely see an anthropomorphic theme carried out in your work. No matter what the subject. Great post and great photographs!

  8. I disagree with you when you say these are nothing special, Karen! I think they are very special photographs, and once again a superb set! Exquisitely simple and delicate in their content and colour, they give me a feeling of peace and relaxation and pleasure! Thanks, Karen!

    Global warming doesn’t seem to be affecting you very much yet, with all the snow you are having! Our seasons are gradually, and noticably moving towards being the same!


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