Dancing Thread 

I don’t remember ever seeing one of these corn-silk-like worms before but the diminutive flickering of its dance caught my eye somehow. This creature appears to be close to 4 inches long and no thicker than a couple of millimetres. It seems likely it’s a Nematomorpha or what is commonly called a horsehair worm or Gordian worm. It looks fairly harmless but the larval form of this worm leads a bizarre parasitic life…  


© Karen McRae, 2017

Birds Falling like Leaves off Trees

Starlings at Dusk 1
Starlings at Dusk 2 (GIF)

The first real snow came yesterday and in late afternoon a large flock of starlings were braving the wet snow and wind, grazing the tops of trees and  falling like leaves from branches.

(I hope the GIF isn’t too annoying, it would be nice to be able to click on it and make it stop! Oh well…)

© Karen McRae, 2016

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It’s Still Autumn

In the infancy of December 2014 the air was very cold and the river was all frozen jagged edges – sculptural and almost colourless. It felt like deep winter. But there is no ice in this early December, no snow. Just gentle waves lapping the soft shoreline.

[click on an image to see the bigger picture – top images from this Dec, bottom images from last]

© Karen McRae, 2015

Winter Dance






Here we go. The first real snow came today. I couldn’t resist going out to watch the landscape brighten as the snow sifted down. It wasn’t too cold, either. Just warm enough for fingerless mittens and standing still while the chickadees dance at your fingertips.


© Karen McRae, 2014