Night Light 2



PalmerRapidsatNight2Long exposures of fast-moving water at night. These photographs were made during a paddling/camping trip and although there were lots of stars in the inky sky there was no glowing moon, so in order to light the first and last images I ‘painted’ the slipping-by water with my headlamp and set the camera to make 30 second exposures. In the middle image you can see my paddling friends are lighting the rapids (and the fluttery bugs) with their own headlamps.

(Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera set to raw mode when I made these photographs – poorly planned on my part – so the image quality is not that great…)

© Karen McRae, 2014

42 thoughts on “Night Light 2

    1. Thank you, Tom. I liked the idea of making abstract images within the rapids. It’s tricky to do in the dark, though – trying to focus and whatnot – I’ll try it again soon!

    1. Hi Emily, I’m glad you like them, thank you. I will definitely try making some more, I think I’ve a lot to learn here! The trickiest part might be safely transporting a good camera on a whitewater canoe trip… Such a fun process, though!

  1. The softness gives them a sumptuous and otherworldly look. Before reading your text I thought I was looking at film stills from an underground SF movie. They’re really intriguing and full of whispered narratives. Tom’s “alluring” is dead right.

  2. Wow, these are stunning Karen. A shame not to have the RAW files. These are so creative. I think I’m going to have to take myself down to the beach with a large lamp after dark. Of course at this time of year that means very late or very early! 🙂

  3. Beautiful Karen. Light can creates endless fancy images. Once I saw a picture of a man running all over with his head-lamp and self-illuminating flash light. = the same faces appeared everywhere. 🙂

  4. I like the one with your paddling friends! I wonder which one is your darling (husband)? But that is because I am a bit unpoetic at times, just plain nosey … 🙂 love to you and your wee family 🙂 xox

  5. Karen, such chillingly beautiful images – puts a whole new spin on the concept of ‘midnight blue’. I’m really taken w/ the second image that has the two figures – as that line that’s delineating possibly a fir tree or evergreen of some sort looks like a strike of electricity or lightning! I wish I had your knack for capturing exciting moments such as these, by being in/near water as you shoot simultaneously! Just so amazing. Love your work!

  6. Fantastic images! The second one makes me think of E.T. for some reason..! You could start a whole new exploration of your river through this..can really imagine some of your shots illuminated by the night..

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