Variation of Gamma Ray Intensity During Personal Eclipse *



These strange spectral reflections occasionally appear on the wall where a painting hangs in our kitchen; one day I took the painting down, donned a lead apron and stepped into the light (actually, I don’t have quick access a lead apron but the reflected light seems to angle off the microwave so perhaps I should have)…

*A (non-scientific) phenomenon only occurring as the light shifts into late autumn.

© Karen McRae, 2014

Character Development

Caveat lector: More Wrapped Trees

I‘ve come to think of them affectionately as the “Sad Sacks”. It appears there are other emotions at play but I think overall they are finding the winter long. It’s definitely been character building.

It seems these characters are now starting to regard me with a bit suspicion, I wonder what they are thinking…

A young Treeannosaurus Rex perhaps?

Previous wrapped trees can be found here and here.

All images © Karen McRae

Inside-Out Pyjamas and a Spoon Under Your Pillow

It is a well-known fact(?) that if you put your pyjamas on inside out and place a spoon under your pillow upon going to bed, you will wake up to a “snow day”. School buses won’t be running and you will get to wear your inside-out pyjamas for the entire day should you choose to. Somebody has indulged…
It’s more like a freezing rain day though. I’d prefer the snow.
All images © Karen McRae

Draw and Shoot 2

I haven’t done much figure drawing lately and I’m rusty to say the least but I did really fun photo-shoot on the weekend and it’s got me inspired! I had an opportunity to work with a young designer photographing her collection of lingerie pieces. The photo-shoot involved faux fur, champagne and a cigar but more on that when I post some pictures. The models were amazing to work with and the designer had a lot of fun creating a mix of lingerie some of which included faux fur elements. (It gets cold in Canada, I think this might be the lingerie of the season) A little sneak peek from the shoot via my sketchbook. Just a warm up sketch.
Image © Karen McRae


We had the most amazing weekend weather and I had an opportunity to spend some time with these three lovely ladies. A extra little dose of summer right before days and days of grey and rain.
All images © Karen McRae

Portrait Mashup

Yesterday’s photo shoot was done under moody grey skies with a beautiful subject and a few brief seconds of sun. This can result in some really interesting lighting. Not as much sun as I would have liked but we are into the grey days of fall. Welcome to October.

All images © Karen McRae