Character Development

Caveat lector: More Wrapped Trees

I‘ve come to think of them affectionately as the “Sad Sacks”. It appears there are other emotions at play but I think overall they are finding the winter long. It’s definitely been character building.

It seems these characters are now starting to regard me with a bit suspicion, I wonder what they are thinking…

A young Treeannosaurus Rex perhaps?

Previous wrapped trees can be found here and here.

All images © Karen McRae

Winter Wrapped Trees

For some reason, this image just breaks my heart. The harshness of Winter.

I have been here in the past. It was before the snow fell, before the cold really settled in. If you missed the first visit you can find it here. I’m fascinated by the figurative nature of these wrapped trees and how they can be interpreted in different ways. The way they relate to each other. The changes taking place through the seasons. The conversations.

All images © Karen McRae

Glassy-Eyed: Tiny Sculptures in the Landscape

As difficult as it can be when Mother Nature throws abhorrent weather at us there is usually an up-side. A magical beauty that can’t be achieved in any other way. If you take the time to look around carefully you might be surprised. And if you put on your woolies and come wading through the crunchy topped snow , bruising your shins as you break through and bending your body to the crust you might see something like this. And you will be charmed. The spell will be broken only by the numbness creeping through your limbs.

All images © Karen McRae

Nature’s Gift-wrap

Everything was sparkling this morning after several hours of freezing rain yesterday encased our little part of the world. Once the sun made an appearance it was as if the air was crackling with electricity. The continual pops and cracks of ice breaking, falling and dripping from the trees onto the glass encrusted surfaces below. Gentle explosions releasing everything from natures fleeting gift-wrap.  A winter wonderland… without snow …still waiting…
All images © Karen McRae

Avian Architecture 2: Bird’s Nest Shavings

Ages ago a friend of mine gave me some metal shavings for the purpose of remaking them into a bird’s nest. These shavings are actually called “bird’s nest shavings” because of the way they look and bunch together. I finally got around to weaving one together. It was trickier than I thought. The little shavings are very delicate and break easily if bent. It took me quite awhile to weave them into a decent shape. I’m sure the birds wouldn’t be impressed with my efforts but it made me appreciate even more what a work of art a true bird’s nest actually is. I think I might give it another go. You can see the real thing here.  (The little egg-shaped rock is from my trip to Newfoundland this summer).
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All images © Karen McRae