80 thoughts on “Frondescence

  1. Dust. A sprinkling of impossibly tiny dust crystals, seeded quickly but carefully, growing and glowing only for the sake of beauty and only for those who will discover and honor them:)

  2. Nice title, Karen. πŸ™‚ The images and words bring to mind fairy tales – don’t ask me why – I’m certainly not complaining! Lovely!

  3. Your powers of observation are incredible Karen. The subjects you find are simply amazing.

    I have never seen anything like these crystals is it a common occurrence in your area? Is it because of the climate or location?

    At any rate they are fantastic images beautifully captured.

    1. Nature is amazing!
      Frost is quite common but to see these particular formations is less so. The conditions have to be right: very cold! – around -15c or colder, and there has to be quite a bit of water vapour in the air to allow them to grow. An open part of the river nearby was the source of water vapour. They also don’t last too long.
      Thank you very much, Nick.

      1. BRRR that’s cold, unlikely I’ll ever see them down here in Louisville our winters are much milder than that. Thanks for explaining how they are formed; maybe sometime I’ll be far enough north to find some myself.

  4. No way … this is too beautiful! Your Up Over is so nice!!! πŸ™‚ You open my eyes to a different world in our shared one! πŸ™‚

  5. Just when I am thinking that ‘Karen can’t really come up with anything else that is unique and will blow me away’, what do you do but do just that! These are really wonderful, and once again something that I have never seen before! Oh, Wow! Fantastic, fragile, fantasy fauna!



    1. Hi John,
      Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for all your wonderful feedback – your comments are so thoughtful, and appreciated!
      I was charmed by these little “leaves”, also. One of natures sublime moments. : )


  6. Ok, yet another amazing and original set! Again, something I have never seen before. I will have to hang out in much colder climes for at least part of the year from now on : )

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