Inside-Out Pyjamas and a Spoon Under Your Pillow

It is a well-known fact(?) that if you put your pyjamas on inside out and place a spoon under your pillow upon going to bed, you will wake up to a “snow day”. School buses won’t be running and you will get to wear your inside-out pyjamas for the entire day should you choose to. Somebody has indulged…
It’s more like a freezing rain day though. I’d prefer the snow.
All images © Karen McRae

51 thoughts on “Inside-Out Pyjamas and a Spoon Under Your Pillow

  1. A great spirt in these shots, perfect follow-up to your edges of ice series. Nicely done Karen!

    I did not know about that practice – we are in need of snow for our mountain here, I will have to try that tonight!

  2. Nice images! Very creative, using the iced window. With winter here I needed inspiration for some cold-weather shots. Thanks!!

  3. Right, I’m definitely going to try that then because the snow’s been staying away this year, and I’m desperate for some flakes! Cool idea for this series, and they turned out lovely.

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