Signs of Life

I‘ve been spying on observing the Fishing Village again.  I sincerely thought about approaching some of the occupants and getting the inside scoop but I decided I like these images from the perspective of an outsider… or maybe I’m just too shy…
Can you call yourself Canadian if you’ve never been ice fishing? Maybe it’s a right of passage. I should find out.

I’m strangely drawn to the trailers. They seem so 70’s to me and in this imperfect light they could be vintage 70’s images. I wonder if they have orange and brown upholstered benches and shag carpeting? I’d like to think so.

Dogs like ice fishing too…
Images © Karen McRae

44 thoughts on “Signs of Life

  1. This photos are simply amazing specially for me as i don’t get to see that kind of scenario here in Portugal. Excelent photos and thanks for sharing this “different world” 🙂

    And go ice fishing 🙂

  2. Hi Karen!

    I love your photos. You could be in my own backyard here in Minnesota with these shots. They draw me inside. Knowing (as a pseudo ice fisherlady – go for the entertainment value, not the fishing), that the cold remains outside those little homes, and the hot warmth of people, hot chocolate, some booze most likely, and fish is inside!

    Looking forward to your future posts!

  3. These are so cool, Karen! Man, I’m completely taken by them myself…and they most certainly evoke a very specific 70’s vibe. I’m sure if you have a peek inside you’ll see the shag carpeting and kitschy décor, oh yes, I’m sure it’s there…

  4. Back in time and eyeing the scene from a time travel device. I love the implied and literal distance. You manage to maintain a respectful distance from your subjects while anointing them with rapt attention. Beautiful.

  5. love these minimalistic shots from the fishing village. It would be interesting to get the inside scoop, but I agree – I kinda like the idea of just seeing it from the outside and let my imagination do the rest of the job.

  6. Sounds like a photo opp to me. I’ve heard of ice skating being a Canadian rite of ice fishing as well?

      1. Hey Karen, that’s not Canadian. That’s Central Canadian. I call myself Canadian and we don’t even get ice around here. For me, if you have not gone salmon fishing, you’re not Canadian. To heck with some half frozen scrawny little lake fish. 🙂 Better off taking your camera out there and taking some pictures of the guys in the thick clothes finding an excuse to have a beer, or a warm spiked drink of some kind. You would probably have some fun 🙂

  7. I’m loving this little series of yours Karen ( which I’m hoping wil turn into a big series) and I agree the trailers are very retro.. I lived in a caravan when I was a student in the mid 70’s and did indeed have lots of orange and brown !!

  8. Such fun pops of colour against the snowy scapes. These are really fun Karen and I hope *hope* that you’ll approach a kindly fisherman, explain your plight, and profile it from the perspective for someone who is just plain interested! It’s certainly intriguing! Spy no more!

  9. Love the images! Something slightly surreal about these trailers on the white ice. So glad you captured these! Regards, Steve

  10. Oh! Beautiful. I thought you were going to invite yourself in for the inside SOUP. I bet that’s good. I would be worth angling for an invitation. You could chat about the seventies.

  11. I love these images, and I agree with you, I like the mystery…although I am intrigued to know who hides inside! I was just realising today too – you are still covered in white! How long do your snowy times last?! We generally only get a few days and the whole place is full of moans 🙂

    1. Yes we usually have snow on the ground November/December to March. Sometimes it’s seems like it will never go away.
      We get spring fever over here in a bad way! (The squirrels seem to have it already…)
      Thank you Cath.

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