44 thoughts on “A Bird (or two) in the Hand…

    1. Hi Scilla, the shutter speeds are very fast on these. I had the camera set at f /5.6 (and ISO 400) so the shutter speeds were generally around 1/4000 s. I love the patterns their wings make!

    1. Hi Ashley, I hadn’t really thought about these as self portrait work, but I suppose it is in more ways than one. You are, of course, welcome to use any of them. Thank you!

  1. What I was impressed most was, that you managed to kept yourself still while stretching
    your hand in midair and holding your camera in the cold —– until the birds mistook you are a feeding post !
    Amazing Karen, well done.

  2. Wow, amazing shots Karen and to have the birds eating out of your hand while you take their pictures can’t have been easy! As soon as the birds in my garden see my camera, they’re gone for the day.. Fabulous! 馃檪

  3. Love these pictures, Karen, especially the top one. I’m biased of course, being an ex-birder, but I do like the thought of just holding a hand out in this ferocious weather, and having these little beings come to it for food. Adrian

  4. Amazing indeed! I get a picture of you freezing your feet off in the snow with your other hand slowly getting attached to the camera by ice… It takes passion to hold on till you have your pictures 馃檪 Lovely!

  5. This is so cool ~ I am amazed at the crispness of these shots and making everything work so well to have this perspective of the birds actually eating out of my own hands 馃檪 Brilliant shots Karen.

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