After the (Freezing) Rain

glazedflora1An ice crowned seed head from my garden.

Tiny icicles on the brink of melting away.

Mosaic patterns forming on the flora as the ice crowns begin to surrender to the warmth of the sun.
glazedflora7How quickly we can shift here from powdered snow, to rain, to freezing rain and back again.

© Karen McRae, 2017

Iced Landscape

River'sEdge_grassesThe river’s edge, late afternoon

WinterStarlingA starling in winter dress

IcedLandscape2_the-woods The woods fully iced

After a quick succession of snow, freezing rain, and plummeting temperatures the sun came out and today everything was sparkling.

Karen McRae, 2015

Mosaic: Iced Seed Heads

Mosaic8This morning we had freezing rain and I headed out to photograph the same seed heads in my garden that I’ve been documenting over the fall. As the day wore on and the temperature crept over the freezing mark the ice started to change, and then things really started to look interesting. The transitions in nature are just so fascinating.

Mosaic3If you are interested in the seed head series you can see it here, and there is more iced flora here.

© Karen McRae, 2012

Inside-Out Pyjamas and a Spoon Under Your Pillow

It is a well-known fact(?) that if you put your pyjamas on inside out and place a spoon under your pillow upon going to bed, you will wake up to a “snow day”. School buses won’t be running and you will get to wear your inside-out pyjamas for the entire day should you choose to. Somebody has indulged…
It’s more like a freezing rain day though. I’d prefer the snow.
All images © Karen McRae