The Shape of Ice

It seems that ice can become an infinite number of interesting shapes. A little sampling…

These images were taken with a Nikon FE film camera (a great camera) and scanned from prints I made in a darkroom. I still fantasize about setting up a darkroom at home.

All images Ā© Karen McRae

41 thoughts on “The Shape of Ice

  1. Like the blog’s new look šŸ˜€ And I hope you can set up a darkroom too… the last time I was in a dark room was my… junior high photo class! But you know, I can still smell it. Going in there was always so exciting…

  2. Karen! What stunning work; you the ordinary into extraordinary. I agree with Alicia – the last image looks like a dragon/dog, seemingly howling at the moon… and the 2nd last – like a row of fir trees. Trying to interpret these images makes them extra special.

      1. Oh Karen – I omitted a word in my comment: you *turn* the ordinary into extraordinary šŸ™‚ A winged dragon – exactly! See, there’s mythology in your images too.

  3. Nice shots! I love the details! Ice is one of the many things that nature creates that vary so much from example to example, and makes great subjects for photos. Cheers!

  4. Hey new theme! Change is good. šŸ™‚

    I love the photos, Karen. How cool is to see the details. Great shots, thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

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