Underwater ~ River Lilies

  • I am getting to know a new small camera that can be used underwater. A camera that doesn’t mind a rainy day or a swim in a river, or maybe the odd little bump. It hasn’t had much use yet but here are a few pictures from a canoe trip the camera has recently been on.

    River lilies that have been inverted in processing to bring out the lovely forms. Lots of possibilities to explore, not enough time!


    © Karen McRae, 2015

  • 67 thoughts on “Underwater ~ River Lilies

    1. I’m just wonder struck looking at these, Karen… Absolutely otherworldly! Would you consider sharing the name of your camera? I’m inspired. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much.

        Yes, the camera is an Olympus Tough TG4. Just a point and shoot really (my first!) but shock resistant and waterproof to 50ft so it’s perfect for those times you don’t want to lug around an SLR that needs much more careful handling. It also has great capability in low light. It’s proving to be rather fun!

        1. Isn’t it wonderful, the challenge and freedom that comes with working with simple equipment? Thanks for the tip — I’ll have to check this little camera out!! 🙂

      1. It’s just a little point and shoot really, but it’s much more affordable than an underwater housing for an slr (although I’d love one!). And it’s perfect for backcountry adventures where light and durable are what you need. I’ll be stepping into the rivers more often.
        Thanks, Adrian!

    2. Wow, these are super cool! So soft and beautiful and otherworldly. They almost seem like something from a book.

      1. The tones remind me of old illustrations, too. I thought of the images from The Water Babies, which is on my bookshelf and belonged to my mother when she was a child (before I filched it!).
        Thank you for your comments.

      1. Thank you, Cath! That’s an interesting comparison, I tried these images converted to black and white but these colours won out. I’m not overly familiar with Masao Yamamoto but an image search turns up some loveliness.

    3. Oh, these remind me of Susan Rothenberg paintings. Not the compositions so much (I like yours better- more dynamic) but the painterliness and the palette. Just beautiful! Looking forward to more experiments!

    4. Your work makes me say “wow!” out loud every time. If I posted a comment on all the work I love your site would be filled with a thousand “wow!s”… I KNOW, such a small vocabulary! 🙂

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