Winter Dance






Here we go. The first real snow came today. I couldn’t resist going out to watch the landscape brighten as the snow sifted down. It wasn’t too cold, either. Just warm enough for fingerless mittens and standing still while the chickadees dance at your fingertips.


© Karen McRae, 2014

132 thoughts on “Winter Dance

    1. I confess I was very excited about the snow today. I love it! The chickadees were more interested in what I had in my pocket, though. 🙂 Thank you, Marina, the seasons come around so quickly it seems!

  1. I would hate to say I have favorites among the birds, but chickadees have a special place in my heart. So small, yet so bold and tenacious. I was surprised to find a type of chickadee in the mountains outside Beijing — and they had that same puffball persistence as those I know in my front yard. I love this work of yours, graceful and vulnerable in your direct relationship to birdness — not unlike a chickadee yourself?

    1. There is something so beautiful about their delicate strength. It never fails to touch me that they are willing to perch on my hand. But yes, all birds are wonderful and fascinating. The world would stop turning without those little wingbeats.

    1. It is very cool, I’m delighted every time. They love sunflower seeds so I try to keep them handy when I’m out photographing. Thanks for your comments, Mary, I’m so glad you like the photographs.

      1. Not too many birds will sit in your hand here either. I have had little nuthatches come to my hand also, though. It’s the gentlest thing when they perch on your fingers.

  2. Oh my god, that’s amazing ! There are so much emotion and movement on this serie ! I love it, a beautiful dance and wow congratulation, you’re totally talented ! xxx

    1. Hi Purrsea, I can’t recommend this technique for cats – it would be irresponsible of me. Besides, you seem more like a fish loving sort of feline…
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. Such acrobats! I have never had the patience to allow Chickadees to eat from my hand…I’m envious! A wonderful set of photographs, Karen.

  4. Wow Karen, these shots are absolutely surreal ~ cannot believe these interactions of the birds and their beauty, and mostly your photography. That first shot is simply magical with the way the birds are positioned and the nice lagged timing of the shot to create the action. Beautiful ~ and I hope the coming week treats you well!

  5. Stunning. I’m always so moved by the resiliency of birds, especially small birds. in harsh winter conditions. With their hollow bones and delicate feathers, I always feel ridiculous complaining of the cold in my down jacket and wool hat.

  6. 3 years on and I’m always excited by your winter coming, knowing you will make more incredible images!! 🙂 x

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