24 thoughts on “Trip the Light Fantastic ***

  1. Karen, It’s a great feeling to look at a photograph and my heart just fills. This happened to me when I looked at this pair. Exquisite composition and light. The Wiki is an very interesting, too, thank you.

  2. Such a mystical sense of movement and stillness captured in yet another photographic composition of perfection πŸ’™ love these!

  3. Thank you for some beautiful pictures againπŸ’œ Love the light and the sensitiv feeling. Have a lovely dayπŸ’ŽπŸŒ³πŸ’•Gro

  4. So so so beautiful. (Of course, I’m such a sucker for anything with reflections… but the way you’ve used them here in this diptych is lovely. ) You always make me wish I had unlimited wall space to hang art and unlimited funds to buy it.

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