It’s Still Autumn

In the infancy of December 2014 the air was very cold and the river was all frozen jagged edges – sculptural and almost colourless. It felt like deep winter. But there is no ice in this early December, no snow. Just gentle waves lapping the soft shoreline.

[click on an image to see the bigger picture – top images from this Dec, bottom images from last]

© Karen McRae, 2015

31 thoughts on “It’s Still Autumn

  1. The contrast between the years is so noticeable when captured in images. A very different year this one! and delicate images to show it. Thank you Karen these are beautiful.

  2. I like the way you not only contrast this year with last year, but you also show both straightforward shots and blended ones – all are beautiful. The first image melds classic color field painting with landscape photography – I like that! The second reflects the complexities in nature, which I also love to see.

  3. There’s such a comfort and fascination in how art and nature evolve with us.. I’ve missed these other voices of yours too, Karen, great to see them again..

  4. I love the colours in that first one Karen. Those trees are looking almost denim blue. Blue and straw. I must remember they work 🙂

  5. when i was wondering around in october capturing the autumn colours, i also found some orange reet. i realize yours is sunlit but mine was orange all by itself, i think. anyway, very impressive.

  6. Beautiful contemplative scenes, Karen. The absence of human drama focuses the mind on solitude–the kind of solitude that teaches us what we ought to know but can’t seem to want to admit to ourselves, amid the crush of daily dealings.

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