Birds Falling like Leaves off Trees

Starlings at Dusk 1
Starlings at Dusk 2 (GIF)

The first real snow came yesterday and in late afternoon a large flock of starlings were braving the wet snow and wind, grazing the tops of trees and  falling like leaves from branches.

(I hope the GIF isn’t too annoying, it would be nice to be able to click on it and make it stop! Oh well…)

© Karen McRae, 2016

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46 thoughts on “Birds Falling like Leaves off Trees

  1. I don’t find the GIF annoying at all … mesmerizing, perhaps :). Some things require motion to express the moment … to me, starlings are one such ‘thing.’ I have yet to see a murmuration in person, but it’s become a ‘bucket list’ item since seeing video of one several years ago … a still would have been a magnificent image, but to truly grasp that liquid, hive-mind motion, moving images were needed. Lovely work as always, Karen!

    1. Thank you, Sydney!
      Their movement as a flock is quite astounding and beautiful, and the sound too but I never thought to record that.
      I should play around a little more with video and sound, I’m sure it would open up other possibilities…
      I’m so happy you like this!

    1. Haha, yes, I guess so!
      I like how it looks like they are a just bunch of leaves blowing away in the wind, that’s what prompted me to turn it into a GIF.

      Thanks so much for your comment, Trish. : )

  2. Not annoying in the slightest! Gorgeous! We used to get huge flocks of starlings over Brighton pier, always a brilliant sight..

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