85 thoughts on “Inside, Outside

      1. Thank you for sharing this with me Karen. I wish I could better express in writing what it is I find so beautiful about your work but I am afraid that I am only a photographer not an artist like you.

  1. i often feel that commenting on your photographs is a bit superfluous as they are a.l.w.a.y.s. subtle, graceful and intimate. that’s a given. beautiful landscape/portrait, this.

  2. This is a beautiful picture. I like the interplay between the two natural subjects, and your trademark lightness of touch adds a delightful reserve and charm.

    1. Oblique is a good word; it is literally (an angled cast shadow) and figuratively oblique, I guess. And a self portrait, but what interested me is the way the light sometimes comes together to make shadows that have dimension. There is another example here: https://drawandshoot.me/2012/09/11/umbra-umber/

      This image went in a different direction but the idea of “three dimensional” looking shadows fascinates me. What are the possibilities…?

      Thank you, Richard.

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