81 thoughts on “The Turning

    1. Hi Scott, thank you. Just a little bit of playfulness on a Friday.
      I went out to make photographs of the early morning frost and got distracted by the seed heads… : )
      Have a great weekend, my friend!

  1. This is your exclusive field of art !
    And I think this art has managed to go into the abstract, far beyond of any
    figurative notion —– purely the tone and texture.

    1. : ) I wonder if this answers that age-old chicken and egg question; maybe birds originally came from seeds…
      I’m not to worried at the moment but I’ll be keeping an eye out for further developments!
      Thanks, Richard.

  2. really beautiful shots Karen. agree with others- there’s definitely a strange other worldliness. I wonder if you might have heard of a new Australian film called ‘The Turning’? It’s based on a series of short stories by a great Aussie writer, Tim Winton. Each story is directed and acted by a separate ensemble, but the collected work makes up a poem of interlaced relationships and events. The filming is done with such great respect for the environment and, as the definitive indi film maker’s film, I’m sure photographers would also love it. Some more about the film is here and the mini promo is here: http://www.palacecinemas.com.au/movies/theturning/

    1. Thank you, Chas.
      I’m not familiar with that film but it looks really interesting. It doesn’t appear to be playing here but I’ll check around a little more and try and figure out how to see it. Thanks for that!

  3. Adorable! Once again I have to scroll for ages to find room for my comment! I hope it’s worth it! You have beautiful eyes! Your camera is the giveaway! 🙂

  4. much of your work has a painterly quality to it, which is something i admire oh so strongly. as much as i love photography, it is the painted nature that moves me the most. your photographs very often have the combined effect of both media.

  5. Wauw I really love their softness! These pictures are very interesting.. you just keep looking at them. Keep up the good work!

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