Fall by the Wayside 2

RedSumacsIn ‘Technicolo(u)r’.
The colour is actually true to the photograph. There was that lovely warm light of late afternoon and I was using a polarizing filter which brings out those autumn colours and intensifies the blue of the sky. I find it all a bit frenzied but these are the flitting colours of the season and here they are hastening by.

[An image made from two photographs, both of which were made from a moving car.]

Β© Karen McRae, 2013

70 thoughts on “Fall by the Wayside 2

  1. Look! If you are just itching to get one of those new VR Lenses to help with camera shake… Just come right out and say. “Hey Santa…. Can you bring me a shiny new VR lens for Christmas!” πŸ˜‰

    I love the feeling of fresh oil paint on a panel just blurred. I am sure the Group Of Seven had some of those after a rough portage!

  2. This rushing by image is delightful, Karen. The colors are so appreciated for the short time we have them. I like what you are doing very much – so much excitement in the picture.

    1. Those colours don’t last long, do they? It’s funny, I love these colours but when I’m making paintings or photographs I tend to use them quite sparingly. Thanks for the appreciation, Judy.

  3. Saw immediately that it was one of yours, when it came scrolling up. I was surprised by the hard colors. A bit unlike you, as far as I’m able to tell. I wondered why that was. I think it has to do with a little lack of (static) form, to balance the speed-movement. Like the experiment with the hard colors, after looking at it for a while. I can understand your words: ‘I find it all a bit frenzied’, but I think that’s a bit to strong. You could find your way in the hard color world; make it your own and give it your subtle, serene touch. See you!

    1. It really is out if my comfort zone for sure – I guess that’s why I posted it. I think you might be right about not enough static form to settle the image down – it doesn’t really work in monotone either, but I thought it was sort of an unusuali photograph.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Harrie.

  4. I like your approach to convert the image with the speed πŸ™‚
    When I saw this image divided into two long horizontal strip,
    Green and Blue top one, and Reddish bottom one, it became completely abstract.
    —– regardless whether it was right or wrong.

  5. It looks like a painting from an Old master! Like a Constable or Giacometti? But here I confess I run out of names to drop. To belly flop really … 😦 πŸ™‚ !!!

  6. I am completing a mate for the painting I made for journeyofaphotograph.com
    I love how a new stimulus coming from wherever can live on and help produce another body of work. gorgeous color. It certainly reminds me of a painting – a blending of both a painting and a photograph.

    1. Hi Carla, it’s interesting how experiences, visual or otherwise, soak in and develop, or steer, new work. An incredible richness of layers and meanings. Looking forward to seeing your new work! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Carla.

  7. There’s the passionat red, the singing yellow and a left over hint of the summer green… and they all begin to dance the dance of the autumnal beauty.

  8. The movement on the image is so beautiful and the color are amazing. Sorry for my english (i’m french, so…).Everything works so well, it’s impressive.

  9. Looks painterly and except for the vegetation colour, the red earth and blue sky look Australian. The sense of movement gives me feeling for nature’s transience.

  10. I love this. :0) I’m a fan of impressionistic photography and was surprised that these were the actual colours! Great eye you have- refreshing and unique; and I’ve seen thousands over the years. Love your work. xo -Birgitta

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