Variation of Gamma Ray Intensity During Personal Eclipse *



These strange spectral reflections occasionally appear on the wall where a painting hangs in our kitchen; one day I took the painting down, donned a lead apron and stepped into the light (actually, I don’t have quick access a lead apron but the reflected light seems to angle off the microwave so perhaps I should have)…

*A (non-scientific) phenomenon only occurring as the light shifts into late autumn.

© Karen McRae, 2014

Umbra & Umber

Perhaps an image that you wouldn’t normally expect here but I was struck by the light on the wall and how the values of the overlapping shadows create a sense of dimension in the arm. This is pure shadow and fleeting light (not a reflection of the figure) coming together for just a few moments. There are possibilities here in the shadows…
*Umbra is Latin for shadow.

Image © Karen McRae, 2012