59 thoughts on “Flurry

    1. Thank you, I was trying to capture the sense of snow with these; it was quite tricky – I’m not sure these snow ones are as successful but I thought I would post them as they were part of the process.

      1. hello , without the comments to read the story behind , number two is my favorite. it invites to visit the avalons and it possesses some brown color very well done. But indeed karen , the story behind of yourself is to catch the snow, So indeed and to me, the first one , is representing that.

      1. Thanks, Richard. That’s good to hear.
        I was actually hoping a deer would come trotting down the path while I was taking these but there was no such luck!

  1. Beautiful. Having been all set for spring, we might just get a flurry or two of our own in the next few days.. hope the cold snap doesn’t last. It must get very trying having such a long winter Karen..

    1. Thanks, Adrian. The winters are indeed, long – it’s the snow that makes them beautiful though, I think. It would be awfully dismal here in the freezing cold without snow. Plus, I love to ski!
      But yes, spring is always welcome to come early. : )

  2. The image permeate into my subconscious —– or
    it might be a shadow of my long forgotten memory.
    Again my mind drifting away to yonder of space and the time.
    (Sorry, my click of [Like] doesn’t work)

  3. Even more than the tree thicket and scraps of snow, I love the path that leads the viewer into the maze. Your art is mysterious, a quality I love. You would have also loved Tucson two days ago – an amazing snowfall of 5 inches here (I know, I know) and we are still looking at deep snow on the mountains.

  4. I love the two acting as one. The top one I wish I had on my wall. I think it is interesting that you and I chose another way to portray an image through movement on the same day – you in Canada and me in California. The title Animate bar(k)odes: the data of the landscape.is quite clever. Carla

    1. Carla, thank you so much. It makes me very happy to think you would hang that image on your wall. Yes, it’s neat to see how similar ideas translate so differently in diverse landscapes. Your movement series is wonderful.
      I’m glad you noticed “Animate bar(k)odes: the data of the landscape”… : )

  5. Seems like the trees are just brown drips coursing down. My mom is a landscape artist (oils) and I always think I’m not a big fan of landscapes until I see hers or yours and think, wow, that’s much more than landscape. (I still can’t get over your creatures-in-a-bucket, though.)

    1. Anna, that’s exactly what I’m trying for, I think. More than a landscape – a sense of it, I guess.
      Those creatures-in-a-bucket are pretty special – I can’t wait to get back yo the ocean. : )

  6. These are just so powerful – somehow they remind me of your wrapped trees from a while ago. I think they good go well with that suite. – I shudder to think of going out into that cold. Kinda makes me think of Inspector Gamache traipsing around in Three Pines.

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