60 thoughts on “equilibrium

  1. Wonderful composition. I’m not imagining all of the animal faces in the image, am I? At first, I didn’t see them since my eye was drawn to the hands, but I’m sure they’re there (aren’t they 🙂 )

  2. hello Karen , I am not a reply-er in terms of the `waaaw` messages. I kept looking at this image and i am still doing . Your choice of the title is super . I wondering why you have chosen it , maybe you could let us know. To me it expresses the balance between the elements of air, water and earth in association with mankind . I wonder, where is are the flames. Tell me ,why I am not correct , grt bart

    1. Hi Bart,
      Yes, you have interpreted this image in a similar way that I interpret it; how we relate with our environment and the elements – how we are not separate from it.
      The flames? Perhaps, they are in our hearts and minds?

      Thanks for your comment,

      1. With this piece of Art and the way you and your image are communicating, it pleases me a lot to comment and interact with your work, Karen. See you soon and be my guest to comment my work to. grt bart

    1. alienheartbeat (what a wonderful phrase),

      What you see here are two photographs merged into one (using Photoshop).

      One of the images is simply a water reflection – the other (figurative) was made by doing an in-camera triple exposure; my digital camera allows me to make double and triple exposures in one frame.

      Thank you for your interest.

  3. I found this image very emotional.. a sense of a troubled soul struggling to emerge from sorrow ( that may be more about me !! ) very, very beautiful. Good art always has many interpretations..

    1. I like that we all come to art from a different perspective. It draws out different ideas and feelings. Thanks for calling it good art – you are very kind, Helen.

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