49 thoughts on “Framework

    1. Autumn Jade, thanks for your lovely comments. The first one made me think of moose antlers, too. =) I’m glad I’m not the only one!
      I think , melancholgy should be a word, actually. I quite like it…

  1. Melancholy, rather. Such are the fantastic patterns in nature, how subtly stunning they can be. Here, captured up close, you have indeed captured the essence of these decaying things, and realed their beauty- the return to soil, where the cycle of a tree’s life begins all over again. Contemplative and wonderful. And I really love that first one, reminds me of moose antlers. The light, the dark contrasts, I just love it all. Art. Cheers.

  2. Those little touches of focus around the leaf edges reveal the reason for the title. Without them, dissolution, a slip out of focus, a return to an imagined primordial chaos. Beautifully realised.

  3. I guess it frames-up or encircling something, —– of what. ?
    Something, —– something invisible —– it’s there.
    = and made others puzzling as well.
    Very witty nice work.

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