I Recommend…









I recommend leaving the world behind for a while. Taking along light canoes and heavy packs and paddling to a new campsite every day. A campsite with a warm lake and a crackling fire.

I recommend sleeping in a tent under the stars, watching the fireflies light up the velvet night and then waking to early morning birdsong you can’t identify.

I recommend morning coffee, evening tea, and daily swims.

I recommend traveling with a diverse group of people and having a (borrowed) 6-year-old in your canoe at all times. One that tells jokes and sings songs and just might be smarter than you.

I recommend changing pace.
The pace of a paddle, a canoe, and some wilderness.



[All these images were made this past week at Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario.]

*Note: I also recommend bug spray and short portages!

© Karen McRae, 2013

54 thoughts on “I Recommend…

  1. Gorgeous, soft, dreamy – I’d love to go off in a canoe and camp under the mountains. It’s been too long,. This summer I’m citybound and will have to live vicariously through these images.

  2. I like your recommendations… Have enjoyed such adventures many a time… though I haven’t gone out with a 6 year old for about 30 years, and I don’t know whether I’d have the patience for that anymore… especially the jokes. But glad to know you had such a beautiful time.

  3. Tremendous photos! Each one of them made me want to clip my wings on and run off to the wilderness 🙂
    Your words are very inspiring too! I think the 7th photo is something you could easily put on canvas but all of them transports the viewer to a different dimension.
    Very good post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are fantastic images! I can almost see myself there, along for the change of pace. Canoeing is something I want to experience yet; you’ve made that even more compelling. Cheers!

  5. Air, fire, earth, and water 🙂 Those canoes really do look light! Lovely silhouette shots too.

  6. Great recommendations and inspiring shots – I am there remembering teenage walking and camping week-ends and thankful that there is still some wilderness left for retreats. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful, I’m definitely a camper nothing beats sleeping in a swag dozing off to desert skies but I’m afraid my six year old was always a city dweller and hated camping but hopefully one day she’ll revert, otherwise I could be paddling the grandkids.

  8. Now that sounds and looks like a good recommendation! What a contrast to the icebound photographs you posted not very long ago. Just as beautiful!

  9. Such a lovely post Karen. The photographs speak for themselves but I particularly liked the canoes and the simplicity of the reeds. Gorgeous! 🙂

  10. Good pictures, Karen, and what you say certainly resonates with me! In particular I like “I recommend leaving the world behind for a while.” and also “I recommend changing pace.”, both very, very true and worthwhile. Adrian

  11. Poetic and very beautiful view of the world, Karen! I can relate to borrowing the 6 year old too!

  12. The beauty of camping and a few little bugs, first you take the 6 year olds then, years later, they take you to revisit these place you know so well. Don’t have that Avon bug off anymore but what the hell. That sunset’s still there and semi solitary beauty everywhere. Love the photography, especially the reeds and reflection. And, oh yes, I used to carry equipment. Now it is a camera, one lens has to do, and an extra battery. Oh, you’ve got me inspired for something I was not totally sure about this year.

  13. I agree with your recommendations, especially “I recommend changing pace.”
    And of all the pictures, I choose pickerelweedpontederia-cordata5 as my favourite, really impressive!

  14. This post makes me impatient to get away – later in the year we will be going to the Flinders ranges in central Australia, very different from canoeing, but still so much the same. Enjoying the change of pace, the smell of the air, the freshness, the quiet, the wildlife and freedom from bustle. Campfires too … your words are as beautiful as your photos.

  15. I could really do with immersion in those recommendations. Even the borrowed 6 year old. Your photos really capture the mood for me – especially the blue silhouette near the bottom.

      1. I like canoeing, but have not done it for many many years. There is a family cabin a days drive away, but I have not been for years as my leave has been dedicated to other things. I like rowing too, watching the world that I have just passed by recede, but then I grew up rowing rather than paddling.

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