The Rain Becomes You

The-Water-GathererA damselfly that tells fortunes…?


Hold-on-TightI think this might be a small weevil(?) of some sort, managing to hang on to the underside of a leaf with the weight of all that water.




The-Little-ForagerWe have had a fair share of grey and rain around here. The earth is well watered, and you could disappear in the tall green grasses. It is easy to gripe about the greyness of it all, but when the sun returns you are reminded that each drop is a transient gem.

© Karen McRae, 2013

137 thoughts on “The Rain Becomes You

    1. It’s not too bad, here. A mix of sun and rain! Last year this time was so hot and dry by comparison, I don’t mind the weather now actually.
      Thanks, Anna.

  1. Beautiful colors, delightful to the eye, especially here in the West right now. I love the orbs of the damselfly holding the green orb. Water in any shape or form can be so beautiful. Thanks, Karen.

  2. There should be a ‘like’ button and a ‘love it’ button! There would certainly be a few of the latter for this post – striking colours and subject. The light dazzles are great and add real depth.

  3. Karen, These are magnificent. The first image is such a surprise — captivating along with your apt description. Thank you for this lovely post.

    1. Lest spring and summer we were in low level drought – the rainy spring is a relief in a way, although I’m not sure everyone would agree.
      Thanks for your comment, Emilio.

    1. Thank you, Richard. Yes, those little insects really do work very hard! I was impressed by that weevil just hanging on to the little threads of the leaf like that. Amazing.

  4. You see beautiful minutiae in a unique and wonderful way. What a nice reprieve in the middle of my otherwise busy day… to stop and consider what small creatures are doing and struggling with. Thank you!

    1. Dragonflies have chunkier bodies; when at rest, they hold their wings out like those of an airplane. Damselflies have slenderer bodies; when at rest, they keep their wings folded above and parallel to their bodies.

  5. You transfixed me. I could look at those ant ones for ages, but they’re all so gorgeous. I’m amazed at the amount of colour and detail you and your camera can capture! Really beautiful.

  6. An exquisite series! I adore the luminous green you captured in the first five. I admire your work greatly, but words are becoming inadequate to describe how stunning your photographs are. All I can do is look and look and look . . . . .

  7. Wow, Karen. Stunning, magical images. I’m completely drawn in to each one. I have a soft spot for tiny beings like the ones you’ve captured here. Such lovely color and light. Really wonderful!

  8. These were not done with just a camera – you must be in league with the earth gods. Can’t imagine how else you could have captured 1,3,5 – especially 3, the weevil. And that green – must have come from same earth gods. And I could cover my house with 2.

  9. 95 comments ahead of me, I wonder if you’ll ever… oh heck: Karen, these photos are ridiculously beautiful! I’m spellbound, lighthearted, and awed, awed like I was inside The Secret Garden… You are such a talent! Thanks for the escape, Karen.

  10. I loved each and every photo. The bird hanging upside down truly broadcasts the title of your post. I felt I had become so tiny. 🙂

  11. Wow – what great macros – the colours and light are wonderful. The first one is terrific, love the exposure, and the caption too:)

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