106 thoughts on “Winter Garden

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Karen. I love them all, but especially the first one. Thanks for sharing. We have had quite mild weather lately, a couple degrees above freezing, but the sun is coming back in 10 days and then it gets colder, as the wind direction shifts. Hoping for some frosty windows and ice sculptures along the coast line. Happy New Year, by the way!

  2. What a wonderful ice world! In our region the temperature is around +10°C at noon, sometimes even +15°C for weeks. I enjoy it, but normally the thermometer should be some degrees below zero.

    1. Hi Heidi, its been above 0c here that last couple of days but mostly it’s been a pretty cold winter. I like the way things look when it’s cold. Your temperatures sound pretty unusual.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Indeed, those “water seeds” must have secretly been to some art school, without us knowing… Thanks for exhibiting their works to us, you’re an extremely skilled observer and curator!

  4. So incredible..these completely appeal to my love for the miniature! I can see tiny figures living in this magic landscape! Very Narnia! 🙂

  5. Nature has put on another wonderful show and you have captured it for us, we who never see any frost on windows. All those little miniature art pieces in the circular framed gallery, each a work of art. Thank you for posting, Karen.

  6. This is sooo beautiful!!! this is way photography exist!
    So glad to see great things at this time of the day.

  7. Beautiful! In German, these are called “Eisblumen” (ice flowers). But I haven’t seen any for years. Its a childhood memory. Most people here now have isolating windows and the “flowers” are no longer forming. However, we don’t have such extremely cold weather like North America has now (this winter, there is not even a real winter, it feels like early spring).

  8. I remember these on our windows as a child — the delicate brush of Jack Frost showing us his world — a reflection of our own. I see grassy meadows and sage brush with song birds in flight, all frozen water droplets captured by your eyes, your vision, your lens. Thanks.

  9. Wildly beautiful! Since you presented these with such perfectly pretty circular cropping I’m now lusting after a set of dinner plates printed with this art. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are wonderful designs, Karen. I am jealous. Our thermal pane windows don’t frost up so I never find these designs on ours. I guess the savings in heating bills are worth it, but I miss these gorgeous patterns. Beautiful stuff.

  11. These are stunning! I especially like this post because the pictures show how my you pay attention to the details in life. I like to do that too, as it makes the world even more colorful and sparkling, but many people seem to miss out on that. Your pictures can make others see, and that is beautiful.

  12. So pretty! Just grey here, and rain… what I wouldn’t give for such gorgeously elaborate swirling frost patterns on my windows… Happy New Year to you! I hope you are well!

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