Goose Down 2

This is a reworking of an image from a couple of years ago. The graceful form of the bird struck me when I first came across it; the water was shifting the goose back and forth in a slow rhythmic motion and the submerged down looked so soft and painterly. I have layered the bird photograph with an image of cloud reflections on water and I think I like the inky blue that spills over to the delicate palisade of golden threaded flora. Now I am thinking about how I might translate this into a painting…

© Karen McRae, 2015

22 thoughts on “Goose Down 2

    1. In a way, yes, it’s quite painterly. I went looking through my photo archives for a painting reference and found this image – there is something about it that makes me want to paint it!
      Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Another amazing image Karen. I wonder if there are now just a few bones left, jumbled and unrecognisable as a goose.
    Gotta love those punning titles too 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks very much Paula, you’re very kind!
      It’s odd how unlikely subjects can be quite alluring and fascinating. Well, maybe not to everyone but in this case I was intrigued.

  2. love your work. I think this is very poignant and sad, not at all uplifting like most of your images. Still compelling though, can’t tear my eyes from it!!

  3. This is so beautiful, Karen – the additions seem to have heightened the sadness. The lighting, tone and colour really remind me of Vanitas paintings – I’d love to see what you do with the image as a painting.

    1. Yes, Vanitas paintings – there is an echo there for sure, now that you mention it. Maybe that’s why it seems to inspire a painting…

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, Richard.

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