Window Frost Details

These are the delicate details of frost growth on a window. It has since warmed up here significantly and these icy apparitions have now vapourized but when I look at these images I find they are suggestive of elaborate gardens and graceful trees, Chinese landscape paintings and dragons.

Ā© Karen McRae, 2013

116 thoughts on “Window Frost Details

  1. I’m more familiar those patterns which are more organic / botanical than geometric crystal. I described them as Acanthus leaves pattern when I saw them in our
    mountain shelter.
    I admire your skill to capture them as thin relief image. Especially, the last one which
    gave almost three dimensional depth, looks awesome.

  2. I don’t know how you capture these so clearly, but they remind me of Lalique glassware, only even prettier somehow because each one is original and we admire craftsmanship, but when nature does it on its own, it’s that much more spectacular šŸ™‚

  3. Karen, every time you post something, I know it will be amazing. But these shots exceeded my expectations by a lot. They are so delicate and lovely, and you captured that perfectly. And, knowing how quickly they were gone adds a degree of poignancy, too.

    Thanks for continuing to post such quality work!

  4. These are truly stunning, Karen. You have photographed them with great skill, portraying their elaborate and graceful form to full effect. Would love to see these as prints – thanks for posting.

  5. I find your work to be absolutely beautiful! The fine details you find and the way you capture them are sensational. A great source of inspiration. Stunning!

  6. Fearsome dragons, delicate swans, hoarfrosted forests–alternate realities etched by worksome sculptors into an unsuspecting window.

  7. So beautifully captured, Karen. I’ve really enjoyed your recent posts although I haven’t had time to comment, but figured it was about time I did! And, I’d love to know your camera/lens set up. šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Mufidah, thank you. These were photographed with a Nikon D7000, and a 1:1 macro lens. These formations are not all that big so a macro lens is needed. Are you set up with a new lens yet?

      1. Thanks for letting me know, Karen. The D7000 looks like a good camera. It was released after I bought my D80, but it’s still a pretty good model. I’d love a macro lens, but right now I’m happy that I’ve managed to get a replacement, albeit an all-purpose 18ā€“105 mm. So, in short, hurray! And thanks for asking šŸ™‚

  8. Absolute beauties!! I’m constantly in awe of nature – we can only attempt to imitate it can’t we..a stunning find Karen..

  9. That is amazing artwork. Created by natured, but seen and captured by you. And beautifully so. I can see all kinds of creatures in those frost details. Wonderful.

  10. These are gorgeous Karen; they literally took my breath away, I couldn’t believe how I inhaled and stopped breathing for an instant as the first image came up. That’s not something that happens to me very often. Wonderful eye to see these and then capture their essence.

  11. Wow! This set is even better than your previous selection of frost on windows! These really do look like an engraver has been at work on frosted glass! Once again, I have never seen anything like these, Karen! Wow!



    1. A little more of natures magic, John. Thank you.
      I keep thinking if I had a camera that could take microscopic photographs, I would be eternally enthralled! : )

      Take care,

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