88 thoughts on “Each Day Takes a Different Shape

  1. It looks like the Chaos theory operating in the Micro-climate between two
    window grasses isn’t it ? = one flap of butterfly-wings changes the weather pattern.
    Really fascinating series of photos. (Capturing the invisible dancing ghost ?)
    = Beautifully captured !

  2. Karen – these are just incredible! Down here in Texas, we don’t see frost like this, so it starts out feeling surreal to me. And your photographs, so delicate and detailed, make it even more surreal. I can’t stop looking at them!


      1. Karen – your work is so different from mine and that’s one reason I am drawn to it. I shoot things I think of as “heavy” like old buildings, while your images are always so ethereal. I am still interested in purchasing a print or two….but I just can’t seem to narrow it down enough to make a commitment!


  3. Your backgrounds are so beautiful…I think of damask table linens, embroidered in delicate white on white designs. So truly elegant! Cut glass and silverware implied as well. Wedding, coronation, state dinner…better yet, aboard an ocean liner! What a marvelous ambiance!

  4. I don’t think I’ve seen this for years – I used to live in colder places. As a child I remember studying the frost patterns on the windows. It makes me think that people living several centuries ago, without all the distractions we have, might have seen this and gathered inspiration for designs for buildings, fabric, illustration, etc. Now I think a lot of the inspiration for design comes from images people see on the internet . This is one inspiring group of images! Thank you for photographing these.

  5. Just gorgeous, Karen! You know, if someone presented me with a set of your images without your name attached, I think I would be able to identify them as yours! Well, you know I think your photographs are unique, beautiful, visually stunning and you have a distinct style and colour set of your own!



  6. I am glad I did yet not often comment here, as I’d long ago run out of superlatives.Your photos are almost always a great pleasure for my eyes. Thank you.

  7. Wow. Simply gorgeous Karen. How nice it would be to have these permanently etched into glass. I think a craftsmen would be hard pushed to match nature’s handiwork though. Brilliantly captured as always. I love the hint of blue.

  8. Very, very nice . . . Next time we have a cold snap, I’m cranking up the humidity in the house . . . although I don’t remember my frost looking this good.

  9. I LOVE these! This is one of the few things I miss about snowy winters — the beautiful designs on the windows. Wonderful series of photos, Karen.

  10. Karen, these are perhaps more striking than the last series! The second one especially catches my eye. The lighting is excellent. Is it just natural backlighting through the window?

  11. Karen… I’m seriously looking for a way to hit the like button more than once. These are exquisitely delicate and beautiful.

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